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>> and i don't know anything, i just live here, and they said get your hands up, now, get down, now. i'm like, oh my god. two guns were pointing at me. >> chp cordoned off the area. police found the suspect in the black lexus. this is sky p video. the suspect had called 911 to say he'd accidentally shot himself. he is identified as a 30-year-old with a criminal history. both were taken to the hospital. they're in stable condition. and according to police the suspect managed to take items from the home and they were found inside of the car and according to authorities the suspect will be charged with burglary and attempted murder. >> what a story. thank you very much. and a california lawmaker says he forgot he was carrying a
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loaded gun when trying to board a plane to sacramento this morning for the first day of the new session. republican assemblyman from twin peaks wants to end entitlements to illegal immigrants saying that is why he was carrying a loaded weapon. >> and. >> over the weekend i had been receiving death threats in connection to this repeal which is the dream act. and my wife came home. i put it in the brief case. and not connecting it to the fact it's the brief case i carry to work he was also carrying an extra magazine with five rounds. he was cite asked did make it to market for the session. >> and the state legislature started this new year problems it didn't get solved in 2011. the budget deficit is at the
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top of the list. >> this is is an election year, and they have been trying for years. >> i joke next to my death there is an inden taigs where i beat my head every eyeday. >> problems are the same and lawmakers will have to tackle the nagging deficit estimated to be $13 billion. this time, democrats want help. governor brown is readying a ballot measure to increase intum tax on the wealthy ask sales tax on everyone else. >> this is going to be a failure, i think voters are going to be less receptive than the republicans were. >> already, the campaign is helping by pushing tax hikes through an online ad featuring kim kardashian.
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it highlights how the star made $12 million in 2010 but the tax break isn't that much more than average californians. >> there is a concern to voter autos one of the bills shows what is high on the republican list of priorities. high speed rail. a price tag now ballooning to $100 kbrinl they want to ask voters to reaffirm approvals of bullet trains. >> there was a different set of dynamics than what is true, now, of costs and ridership. and the state of california's fiscal situation and economy. >> that has to be based on reality. i think that is what republicans bring up. i don't disagree with that. >> governor brown's tax package, erases half of the deficit. so, he's warning that there is more flashing to do.
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>> and a special police unit helped nab four men suspected of petsing child pornography. the suspects are detained. the crimes against children task force used a van to go to the suspect's home and quickly search computers and port yard hard drives in just minutes and say they found videos containing disturbing images of preschool age children. >> this is not 16 or 17-year-old girls gone wild. these are children that are from 3, 4, 5 years old engaged in sexual intercourse with adult autos experts say people commonly use programs to illegally down load music and movies to made videos and images. >> oakland police released a
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sketch of a man suspected of trying to kidnap a child the day after christmas. the suspect is a african american male in his 30s and police say a 9-year-old was playing in front of his home on december 26th. the man offered him candy trying to lure him into a vehicle. the boy was able to run away and get into his home. >> and a botched burglary turned suspect search turned standoff is now a rescue commission tonight. the suspect says his name is dan has been hiding out in the thick brush on a steep side of the cliff more than 18 hours. police have that hill surrounded but in the interest of avoiding a dangerous pursuit they scaled back their efforts leaving only officers at the scene in case dan comes down. >> we want to be here if he asks for help. we're going to give him assistance. and if he didn't ask for help and he pops down into the neighborhood there are officer that's will greet him.
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>> and police say the man ran to the hill after being chased by a landlord for stealing jewelry from an apartment last night. he's been spot gogd back and forth on the hill several times, telling negotiators he just wants wants to be left alone. >> and veming news in daily city now. emergency crews are at the scene of a gas leak. sky 7 was over the scene minutes ago. you can see some kind of work crews digging by an apartment complex. so that broken line we're getting word of evacuations and two buildings. it's in the 300 block of phillip road no. reports of injuries. pg&e is working to repair that pipe right now. >> and nearly 20 years and millions of dollars later a richmond clean up site isn't cleaned up. and decades ago a plant and consequences of that are still a problem. we're live with the story tonight. laura? >> and and in this case, after
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the clean up in the mid-90s toxic level that's did drop in the area, they're back up and at an alarming rate. 18 years after it was first named super fund clean up, the channel is toxic as ever. >> this is a now they're announce steady increases in the amount of ddt we find. that is troubling. >> the epa review shows higher levels of the banned pesticide ddt than before the clean up began. waterway contaminated by a plant in the 1940s. ddt banned in 1972. and this is after it was found to kill fish, preventing birds from reproducing and it's harm tofl mum humans. and there is a replacement of
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contaminated soil. a $10 million project. >> we thought we'd dealt witness. now what is being is from other sources. more ddt is creeping back into the channel. >> the 2006 review showed the levels rising but the latest study put levels greater in a channel than in 1994 and the city councilman worries about the larger implications for the community. >> this is a population of people in richmond who fish in the bay. and fish near this area. and this is a big phone shall health has wrard for them. >> and luke casts his line in the bay. not far from the channel, he's not planning to eat what he catches. >> does it concern you there is pesticide in this water? >> yes. i would love to fish here.
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>> epa received funding to do further studying to figure out thousand clean it up, again. they're posting no fishing signs inside of the channel. as for concerns about the fish here, epa says studies indicate there are no higher levels in the fish out smeerks people are limit their consummation of fish here because of concerns about mercury n richmond abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and for the second time a court upheld what is said to be the largest environmental award ever handed down. a court judge ratified landmark decision against energy giant chevron yesterday. now, lawyers representing 30,000 people and farmers say they will begin trying to collect on the $18 billion award. chevron was found guilty of
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wide spread oil contamination in ecuador's rain forest. >> and a lot more to get to at ak. coming up, findings on gestational diabetes and the harm it may cause the baby. >> a different type of scandal rocks the catholic church. a secret a bishop was hiding that cost him his job. >> i'm sandhya patel. warmth today and spring like and here is a beautiful view of the setting sun. i'll be back to let you know if we'll see a repeat performance, kooum and a warning for anyone using social media when making investments. stay with us. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. a san francisco man in custody for illegally posing as a doct doctor facing charges now. a second victim has come forward claiming he
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tried to treat her for a cosmetic condition and he was arrested last month for performing liposuction on a woman as he smoked a sig car and guzman-garza pleaded not guilty to charges. >> a bish up from los angeles acknowledging he fathered two children. the boys are now teenagers. and the pope accepted the resignation of the 60-year-old. >> for 17 years, he held a title of bishop, reigning over the san gabrielle pastoral region. today the pope accepted the 60-year-old's resignation after he admitted he fathered two teen-aged sons. the bishop's admission after years of scandals involving
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priest abuse in the church, and today's announcement stunned catholics. >> i was stunned and zrnt a reaction. my mouth was open like are you kidding me? >> you won't think that of him. he's into the church thing that. is unexpected. >> as auxiliary bishop he was in charge of 66 parishes. doors to the center office were locked today and there are employees not making a comment. the spokesman for arc diz z diocese of los angeles won't agree to a interview but wrote the archdiocese reached out to provide spiritual care as well as funding to assist the children with college costs. the family i'd city not known to the public. i wish to respect their rights to privacy. >> this is a surprise. i went to work and found this
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communication. >> the pastor of our lady of guadalupe. >> all of a sudden, i pray he's all right. that we'll overcome. >> and the bishop did not return our phone calls and father ludman has been appointed to temporarily fill the void. >> and couple items babies born to mothers with diabetes during pregnancy have a higher risk of developing attention and hyper activity in children. and they do send a message to mothers and doctor that's gestational diabetes may pose hidden changer -- dangers well
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after birth especially if the child grows up in a low income household. and a study found that it looked at a group of 18-year-olds and found physical activity helped with studies. they think exercise helps increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain and do better in class. >> and president obama side stepped the united states senate today in z.appointed first chief of the nation's new consumer protection bureau. >> angering republicans but it thrilled consumer advocates. michael finney is here with more on this. >> yes. they have been asking him to do this. today, he did. and there they refused to confirm any new director. and negating a hard fought reforms. the president waited until the senate was in recess and today
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appointed a first chief. and naming a director is krushl because there must abe director in order to invoke power autos now is the time to do everything we can to protect consumers, prevent financial crisis like the ones we've been through from ever happening again. >> and with that agency is now begin regulating financial institution ootz federal government is warning you not to fall for bogus investment schemes you might see on social media web sites. regulators accused one advisor of using linkedn to try to sell phony securities. and several potential buyers nibbled but luckily, no one paid money. sec says it's detecting more fraudulent offers on social
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media lately. and this is as legitimate brokers are using the sites to contact potential clients. >> homeowners insurance could rise this year because of the natural disasters we saw last year. tornadoes, flood this clobbered many parts of the country last year and this is when analysts say the firms paid out $17 billion during the first half of the year. and insurance information instit yult says the insurance could go up to help makeup for last year's losses. >> michael, thank you very much. >> and on to weather forecast. there is serious rain. >> i've been looking and not finding rain. there is record warmth here.
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it's just beautiful out there. and there is some is maigz. look at this view. there is high thin clouds giving us sun sets. there is tweet to me or post them on my page. i'd love to show them tonight. there is is mild, warm day across parts of the bay area this afternoon. and this is to where there are records to talk about. there is a livermore also tying a previous record. there is temperatures at the coast. 70 in half moon bay and santa
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cruz. there is a northeastern wind off shore flow provided with us warm weather today. there is 64 in san jose. and there is numbers right now looking like this. into 50s and 60s, still comfortable outside. this is what we're going to see. high clouds tonight. mild tomorrow. there is cooling down friday. temperatures rebounding into weechblgd nice-looking weather for the weekend but no rain, still. satellite here, high pressure still not showing any signs of budging. there is no rain in site in these systems you can see here they're just going up to the north of us along the jet stream. we'll keep it dry for seven days. and overnight readings not as chilly. in sm locations down to freeze bug highs coming in helping to
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insulate us a bit. still chilly. 35 napa. 36 santa rosa. and 41 in san jose. 42 in fremont. 47 degrees in san francisco. as we look at the afternoon highs, down a few degrees in half moon bay. and 60 tomorrow afternoon. there is 60 in san francisco. low 60s vallejo and oakland. livermore may go up a little bit. 65 in san jose. there are high clouds again, 69 for you inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. low to mid-60s tomorrow. there is not record setting warmth but still mild. friday a system kicks up to the north. breezy with partly cloudy skies. a cooler day. sunny, bright over the weekend. low to mid-60s torkdz next
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week just patches of fog, minor temperatures fluke twaigss. i don't have storms to talk about yet. and am still hoping that that will change. >> enjoy the weather. >> yes. >> still ahead the future of the reno air show is decided nearly four months after the disaster in the grandstands. >> then at 6:00 a local teenager has been getting social security benefits, a teenager. well now, the government wants some of the money back. we'll be right back here. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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chp is taking its dui crack down to the air now. there is a small plane flowing
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low yesterday. and officials say the plane was only 50 feet above the ground. they noticed that the 62-year-old pilot had alcohol on his breath. officer as rested him for suspicion of reckless flying. >> one year after the deadly reno air show disaster the show will go on. the crash put the race's future into question. and today the head of the air raigss association confirmed organizers are moving forward with plans. the association is enlisting a panel to help ensure safety of the event given what happened. >> and we'll be right back. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right.
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you can see a former san francisco
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gang member now in witness protection. his testimony playing a key role if a high profile murder trial. >> owners of this jack in the box want to stay open 24 hours a day but after what happened here, neighbors are saying no. local veterans volunteer for a massive research project to unlock the medical mysteries of war. it's coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. and a spectacular marine life sighting in southern california leaves a group of whale watchers in awe. this is just spectacular. >> they were on a tour when spotting those magnificent creature autos they're believed to be part of a transient population usually see around monterey bay. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching.
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